App In a Box

App in a box is a series of applications and infrastructure geared towards developers and other technical practitioners. You can either clone and run these projects as they are, or take them apart to use the code, scripts, and other pieces to construct your own versions based on this architecture.

Basic LB

BasicLB is a simple infrastructure building script that sets up a cluster of VMs and puts a Load Balancer in front of them to expose publically.

BasicLB link


Scaler is an image gallery and thumbnail maker that uses a Storage Bucket and Functions as a Service.

Scaler link


Todo is a simple todo application architected as a vanilla 3 tier application.

ToDo link


YesOrNoSite is a simple static website creator that uses a Storage Bucket, load balancing, and a domain registar to reserve the domain and serve the website.

YesOrNoSite link